2015 H2 Goals

It is time for me to share what my goals are for the second half of 2015.

I have a whole lot of goals for the second half of 2015, many of which are continuations of the first half of 2015. I plan to use this blog to share more to the world about what I’m doing, my successes and my failures. This is also about making some of my goals public so others can see what is important to me.

The number one priority is to secure my income stream so I can continue a location independent lifestyle (digital nomad) for 2016, if not for the rest of my life if I wish. The secondary goal of this is also to build a SaaS business that is sustainable, I’ll post later this week about the type of SaaS business I want.

Goals that relate to this are as follows:

-Launch SaaS Application A in late July/early August
-Launch Saas Application B by early October
-Get to generating at least $3000 (USD) of MRR by the start of December
-Take up to 6 weeks of consulting work, if the opportunity arises, to facilitate being able to comfortably support myself through 2016

The second priority is to continue to make myself a better and more rounded person in daily life, to this end:

-Read one book a week
-Write at least 60 blog posts
-Pass the JLPT N3 Test, aka conversation Japanese (currently I’m around N5 level)
-Meditate every day, minimum of one thoughtful breath

I have a few more than this but these are the most important that I want to share. Other goals are also more just strategies and tactics to try to be successful in these main goals.

I’m in Seoul until July 24, then back in Japan until October 18. Then I’ll be back in Australia for the rest of the year. This also means I’ll do a tonne of exciting things no doubt apart from just work life.

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