Being Direct in Communication

Sometimes people can be too direct but too often I feel we’re not direct enough.

Obviously you need to be sensitive and consider tone, unlike Donald Trump’s suggestion. But also at the same time, when you don’t say anything nothing can happen. Nobody can read people’s minds, well at least not all the time.

The point is communication goes two ways, somebody or a group says something and then somebody or a group listens and hopefully responds. Doing this well is hard, we’ve always known that. Not trying to improve it is bad, in personal life and broader society I still don’t think we’re doing this well enough.

Politics is a great example, somebody asks a questions and politicians go back to their talking points often ignoring the question. When the question is yes or no, let’s answer yes or no. Sometimes maybe is ok, often it is silly though.

In personal life, if I ask you if you want to meet up and you say you’re ‘busy this week’ that’s like a ‘maybe’ answer. It would be much better for me and for you if you just said no.

Be honest about expectations, make sure the other person understands but also respond to what they say. Ignoring by not talking or communicating isn’t going to make them go away either, that’s just no communication. Just saying no without a reason is ok, not everything has to be explained.

Sometimes I fail at this too.

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